Sep 28, 2011

Seamstress + Sales Associate? Who knew.

I've been putting in quite the hours in this room, sewing. Good thing it's a perfect size room for it! My sewing machine (birthday present from Drew) sits in front of the window where I get to see a LOT of Dana Point. ...and I seriously LOVE IT! (if you don't remember this post..) Yes I keep hearing from all seamstresses world wide that pillows are the easiest things to make, but lucky for me, it's what we needed for our couches. See that hideous pillow in the left side of the frame? It has nasty circles? Ya those are what came with the couches. The size is perfect and it's the exact width of the cushions, so I decided to tackle on the project of  making new covers (See the fabric in the left corner and the blue one on the floor? Those are it!) It's been quite a costly endeavor, but totally worth it in the end. Happy wife=happy life, right? :)

Life has been a little strange lately. I haven't transitioned nicely from wife/full-time student/living in Provo/crazy busy wedding photographer to wife/not so busy photographer/living in California. I can't figure out if it's because of money differences or friends or what. I just can't. Being able to do "DIY" projects was something I kept wanting to do while at school, and now that I have the time, my imagination is going INSANE. It's all I want to do. I miss being busy. It's funny. In Provo I was DYING for some down-time. I just have too much of it these days. You can only go to the beach so many times before you realize you need to shower and put make-up on and go atleast 10 miles from the ocean to change up your scenery (never thought I'd be saying this)..... so... I got a job! I am now an employee at Anthropologie! It's going to be barely part time, so not that many hours which is nice because I can still spend time with Drew and my family, while creating a home for us. It's a dream job because whenever I'd go into Anthro, I'd spend atleast 20 minutes in one section. Not kidding. I can just look through every single item they have in stock. Now I get to do it as a job and help other people get excited! I hope I don't annoy them.

A tiny bit of me feels silly for getting a retail job after I earned a degree, but why not? Photography is slow right now, I'd love a good discount (40% off baby!) and I'd love to surround myself in that enviornment a few nights a week. Just cross your fingers that I don't spend every dime of my check on their clothes. Cross em harder!


Chelsea B. said...

ok 1. im would kill for your down time :)
2. The fabric is amazing
3. anthro and you don't even have to work a ton but still get the 40% off!! (Brooke will be hitting you up)
and last but not least living in DP

can you tell I'm jealous :)

court and dave said...

This sounds oh so familiar. Got a new sewing machine for graduation. Too much time on my hands = projectallica + blowing money at Joanns like its no ones business. I bet the pillows will be rad! The fabric is sweet. You should check out The Sewing Party store, Mindy showed it to me. Its got a lot of rad fabrics that Joanns doesnt have. It's kinda by Laguna Hills Mall. And if anthro was closer to Provo I'd probably be working there too.

Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

I know what you need...a baby! Get on it!

Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

Anthro will be fun!! I have always wanted to work there! I will most def be coming to visit you!!