Sep 29, 2011

Lowers with Jadey

Drew was going down to Lowers with my brother Mitch, and I thought it'd be nice for me to get out of the house and watch them. Besides, I hadn't seen him surf on his new surfboard yet. So I tagged along. When we went to Mitch's house, I invited Jade to come to give Lindsay a break. It was SO FUN! I love just us time. She's so in love with Drew that when he's around, no attention on me! We did a lot of crab finding, cell phone game playing (isn't it crazy how kids know right where to go in your iphone for the games? just shows you how intuitive APPLE products are! (cough-Dad..)

We found these really cute and "tiny" starfish. There were like 100 all around 6 feet from eachother. I'm sure there were a lot more that we didn't see. Some had their fingers cute off which was a sad sight. I gave her my phone later on to play more games, then I heard a camera shutter speed sound, but my sound is always off. I didn't think anything of it, just knew she was playing around. Then I look a few hours later when I get in the car, and she had changed my background of my phone to a picture of her. See below.

 She's cute huh... my little Buggie.. that's my nickname for her.. "Buggie". For a while she wouldn't respond to it because she really only knew "Jadey Bug".. but now she knows because it's all I call her!

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