Oct 19, 2011

Day 9: Kuta, Bali

Am I the worst at updating this blog, and trying to stay consecutive with our dang Southeast Asia trip? Okay I'm ready now. Day 9 here we are in Kuta, same place as the day before. We were quite disappointed with the ocean. There wasn't clear water, the surf looked like what it does at Poche, and there were beggers everywhere, as mentioned in the previous post. But we still took the day on and explored the market streets. We found the cooooolest lamp place that had a bunch of handmade lamps with beautiful white shells covering them. I wanted to buy one but they were heavy. I felt bad for the guy because we spent a good 5 minutes looking at a few lamps and he thought for sure we'd leave with one. I told him we didn't bring another suitcase (which was true) so we couldn't bring it home.

This little guy was real cute. He was flirting with me while I was shopping through their handmade soaps. We left with a few. I don't love souvenirs, but I DO love giving gifts to our family members. I was addicted to it.

We did go to the beach and I'm pretty sure we rented boards this day. They have all different sized foam boards and other crappy normal boards. They have super girly kinds with flowers, then just plain ones for the boys. It's funny. Drew was out for a while, and I ended up coming in and started reading the book Water for Elephants.

We then went home to shower (after a good four hours in the hot bali sun) then got ready for our warm summer night for dinner. The fun & tricky part about being somewhere totally touristy & foreign, is there was so many options of places to eat, but which one would be gluten free, and understand English, and which one wouldn't charge us an arm and a leg? Well luckily none of the places would really charge us anything, compared to here, unless we were drinking. It was the english speaking part that would be tricky. We couldn't really get around it and I later got very sick. Oh well. Such is life.

The sunset was UNREAL..on our way to find a place to eat. We wanted to eat on the sand. So that was our search.

There were a LOT of night clubs because Kuta is known for the party-go-ers..and right next to one of the clubs was a popular place where you bunjee jumped, or rather get thrown off this platform. We watched for a bit of these crazy drunk boys being stupid but having a good laugh. We could hear them say "You ready? One....PUSH..!" He screamed because he was obviously waiting until "TWO..THREE.." Poor guy.

We found our spot! On the sand watching the sunset as we ordered. I remember getting a chocolate shake. Yum. 

Before the night was over, we found a driver to drive us to Bingin Beach (our favorite spot) because our driver Putu wasn't emailing back and I couldn't just call him! So, Wayan it was. He was our waiter too.

Also, this was the night I bought our really cool pirate kite. It's yet to make an appearance because I keep forgetting about the dang thing! (once we got home from our trip, we were living at my parents and were on the hunt for a house..everything in storage. So it stayed hidden and I'm pretty sure it's still in the garage in it's plastic wrap.  Get ready for it though. If you see a pirate black ship floating in the sky, you'll know where to find us.

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