Jan 26, 2018

November 2016 - Family Photos

Taken back in November 2016 by Walker Boyes, above San O. Finn JUST turned 4, and Theo was a little over 2 years old. I was about 4 months pregnant with Mila! 18 weeks ish I think. Oh how I wish those days could have stood still. Good thing I have these photos & some good videos!!!!! I love my boys so much. 

^ Our christmas card

Aug 12, 2015

Theo 11 months

I didn't write much down for Theo during his 11 months..whoops! But that must have meant we were BUSY! He's trying to walk much more than the last month. I did write this down: "Loves to wrap his hands around my neck". That's true. He's so cute when he does this.

Loves to get a reaction out of people and splashing in water to do this. He is a water baby through and through. I'll have to get him in survival water lessons soon! He has to do everything Finn does. 

Oh during this month he became very much obsessed with Papa. He notices how much fun Finn has with Papa, so he has to join in. And if Drew walks in the room, Theo MUST get a kiss and a hug from him. Then back to me of course ;)

Jun 1, 2015

Theo 10 Months

It was a crazy week the week Theo turned 10 months, so I couldn't do an official photo shoot. And this was the only picture I got on the roll because it was the last one and they were crazy and couldn't change the film out! But I think it's still pretty dang cute and totally reminds me of him to a T! Always so smile-y. This is the look he gives me after he hasn't seen me for a while or if I play peek-a-boo.

He talks like crazy- just jibber jabber. I'm worried that he'll be more of a talker than Finn..if that's even possible!

Totally a picky-eater. It's all about texture for him I can tell.

May 1, 2015

Theo at 9 Months Old

We looooove Theo at 9 months! He's such a nugget! And still such a snuggler.

-Has a fascination with buttons and remote controls.
-Has started using his index finger but doesn't know how to point yet. But still uses it a lot!
-Giggles when we giggle (still have to get him good to make him laugh)
-loves to suck on his lips
-Makes a ducky face allll the time..has been doing this forever.
-Loves when I lay my hand on his face while nursing for a nap or night time.
-Nursing 6x a day
-Is fantastically good at copying our sounds exactly.
-VERY good at throwing a ball. We are fascinated! Seriously he throws it right to us.
-Scared but also very curious of the vaccum
-Still the fastest crawler ever created. He probably will never walk cuz he can get around like speedy gonzalez!
-Makes the funniest sounds while eating. Of course is such a good eater.. but is showing signs that he'll for sure be picky!

Apr 1, 2015

Theo 8 Mo Old

Theo is a wild man! Maybe it's because he feels like he has to keep up with big brother Finn. But man this kid! Keeps me working thats for sure.

-Crawls up stairs really well.
-Never cries when wakes up (never has, but I think we are just realizing this) Sometimes we wonder how long he's really been awake for.
-Apparently said Mama
-Think it's funny when we brush our teeth. Is super fascinated.
-My favorite crawling baby I've ever seen. He crawls like a bull dog and with force and conviction. Huffs + puffs.
-Nursing 6x a day.
-Laughs hard when we laugh.
-Kicks his feet when he's excited or sees me. If he hears my voice, he instantly cries because he wants me.
-Loves to be on his knees.
-Loves balls!
-Doesn't like when you take something out of his hands... hmm I wonder why!
-Wants to eat everything in site.
-His smile literally lights up a room.