Sep 25, 2011

Day 8: Denpasar/Kuta, Bali

By this day, we were ready for the ocean, exploring and relaxing. That's exactly what our Bali trip was. And more.

My brother Mitch and a few friends went to Indonesia on a surf trip and so he gave us a few tips. Tip #1- Get Putu as our personal driver. (He's wearing the t-shirt with the number 10 on it.)

When we got to the airport, we had MANY bags. The green one had all the CDS in it (just in case there were a hundred people at TAB wanting CDS. There was never more than 20..) and Drew's guitar, Drew has a bag on his shoulder that was all the T-Shirts we brought. Then our two separate suitcases and my backpack. Holy smokes that is a LOT. We got pretty used to carrying them, but these guys right here didn't let me hold them and just grabbed our bags. Of course they wanted us to pay them. They tried getting $20 out of me...tricky tricky! I ended up giving them $2 instead. I mean come on it was a 30 second walk and there was 5 of them. Sorry!

We read on a bunch of sites and had heard that you have your driver drive you around to different hotels until you found the perfect one. Well we found one that fit in our budget. We were in Kuta looking around.

We hurried over to the beach. It was a strange and long trail to the beach- we couldn't go directly from our hotel, even though it was only footsteps away. Boy was I a happy camper. It was HOTTER than hot and laying on the sand without an umbrella is a joke. Luckily they have these lounge chairs and you only pay about $8 for an entire day with them. The only problem with paying for one, is all day you get attacked by beach sellers because they know that we will pay for comfort- like popsicles & sodas. Not us! Haha.

Once we showered and took a nap, we went back towards the beach to get some grubby grub grub. But right before- we figured out the internet so we could email Putu and our families and update them on where we were. These were the pictures we sent them:

We loved the atmosphere at this restaurant. The communication was more than 100% different than that in Singapore. So I knew I had a long road ahead of me when it came to eating. Shoot.

Bali = constantly ordering water bottles. Constant. And the only soda you can get is Coco Cola.
Curry, yum.

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