Sep 13, 2011

1st Pillow

Can I brag for a second? Okay- well for my birthday, Drew bought me a sewing machine. A really nice one. And one that I've been able to teach myself on the past two or so days. Last night after an afternoon at fashion island and dinner at Wahoos... I hurried upstairs to try making a pillow. Well- I actually did it! And in 90 minutes. My mother-in-law made me two fabulous pillows out of fabric from my wedding reception, and I basically investigated those for 30 minutes and then just went for it. I didn't choose my favorite fabric, but a fabric that is alright, (in case I either made it really well, I would keep it (or sell it) or ruin it and hate it). Well I love it! Yay! Seriously, not one thing I hate about it. And it actually fits the pillow. Who would have thought??? Not me!

It feels really good to accomplish something, doesn't it? Drew woke me up with the pillow today before we surfed. It was really early and I was really tired. So to make me want to get up he showed it to me again. Haha!

Maybe I'll have to make some and sell them on my Etsy? It really didn't take me long and I'm already addicted...soo....


topsy said...

it's fabulous. i'm impressed!

Ben and Christa said...

Love it! Great job...make more!