Sep 14, 2011

Day 6: Singapore

I am totally drawing a blank on what we did this day. BUT we did play I'm sure and the following pictures were taken on this day. I'm sure we didn't do much? Shoot why can't I remember? We did walk over to Mark's place, I remember that. Oh and I remember going to the market right by our apartment to get something for breakfast. That was not so good of an idea because my smoothie was warm and not really a smoothie. But like a watered dragon fruit drink. I forget what Drew got. Maybe he shared with me. Then I remember maybe shopping? I know we met Mark at an internet cafe or he met us after. Okay it's coming to me now. We shopped. We ate at Yoshinoya and that's where Mark met us. We just stayed there until he got there and we were all really surprised that that's the one he knew we'd be at, because we didn't tell him. Haha. Then I got some gelato while the boys got donuts. Donuts are a big hit over there. Really nice designer looking ones. 

At night I remember Drew taking a nap before the set. He also brought a change of clothes. The 2nd & 3rd pictures were of them practicing new songs that Mark had never heard before. So Drew was playing it to him in the room upstairs. Then he napped, then changed into a different shirt. Then they played their set while Paul & I did our thang at the merch table. The merch table was always an awkward thing each night because we were right next to the stage, not hidden & mysterious. PH tees hanging on the wall in plain site. The tatoos were a hit and a surprise to everyone there. Some didn't know how to put them on.

The last three photos were taken to get a shot of the lady behind. As much as I feel terrible posting these online, I felt just as scared and worried walking by her. She was a "lady boy" on Orchard Street. She was a man and asked men to come with her to the hotel. We would watch her tap them on the shoulders and they would decline. Most of them were white guys. We never really saw locals on this part of the streets besides workers. No one casually walking by...and it's because of these lady boys. Freaky!

We had a FABULOUS time in Singapore. My favorite parts were probably Arab Street day and using the subway to get everywhere. It was always an adventure for sure. Yes I would have liked to stay closer to TAB and maybe in a hotel. Yes I would have liked it to be a little bit more of a cultural experience, but I wouldn't change anything. We are so grateful for TAB flying Drew out there and letting them play each night. Seriously, who just does that? Not that many musicians that are like Parlor Hawk. So thank you TAB! You guys mean the world to us!

Now onto BALI! We had to wake up early for a flight we couldn't miss. So stayed tuned.

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