Sep 6, 2011

On my mind

1. My upstairs. Watching my HGTV shows are making me really want to own my home so I can really go to town on my upstairs (and the entire house really) and make the design styled exactly how I want it. No more weird nooks or heaters from the 70s that make it so I can't place a picture frame over it. Ugh. Also, what do you do with a bedroom that is big horizontally, but so oddly shaped that it can't be designed nicely.. no matter how you arrange your furniture? It's strange.

2. Trader Joes. Man am I so happy we live literally 4 street lights away from it... and all those street lights are on the same street! It's amazing. And the street is beautiful (Golden Lantern). I have to go there now so I can make this amazing salad I had the other night.

-I wish I could wear make-up more and dress up. But our lives are so opposite of that. Example?

Surf, shower, beach, shower, maybe grocery shop for some ingredients, make dinner at home, book, movie or TV in bed, sleep. That's a typical day here at our house.

Whenever I do dress up or blow dry my hair or put some blush on, Drew says some really nice compliment that shoots a comment through my brain like- you are going to look this nice everyday- for now on- no matter what. Well, that never happens. Shoot. I was just thinking of this because of my said Trader Joes trip I need to do right now. Should I shower and put some nice jeans on and a blouse? Then casually tell Drew good-bye and I'll be back in 30? Or do I just put a cardigan over my beach dress and let the sand stay on my forehead and toes. Hmm.

3. Sometimes I'm a little too blunt and outspoken. But I've harnessed this and in turn have become more shy and too quiet. I can't find a happy medium. I want to speak my mind, about everything... especially "things" that make me upset. I like to think that I am this way because I'm a "fixer". I guess I'm more of a man in that situation. But come on- wouldn't the world be such a better place if we could speak our minds and not worry about offending people? Like those people just wouldn't get offended because their minds would be so open minded? But then is my mind so close-minded? Because... why else would I be so upset?

4. I'm really sensitive. Dang it.

5. I feel so loved from my birthday events. Drew really went all out to make me feel special. I love him for it. And my dear family really loves to love me. I'll post on that later.

6. I wish someone would hire me for a wedding. I've been in such a funk and drout.. has it been because of the move? My prices? My style? WHAT IS GOING ON!

7. I miss my friends and wish we could have gone to Lake Powell with them this weekend... it's killing me and I can only imagine the stories and memories they're going to make from it. But I am so grateful for my friends here and love them all so much! Cheers to a new life with new friends! But I'll definitely keep the old.

8. It's really, really hot. Dear home, why does my bedroom have to be situated on the opposite side of where the ocean breeze comes in?

9. I can't wait to become a seamstress. It's something I've always wanted to do because it's very useful. Like speaking spanish. Maybe I'll learn that one day too.


Amy Marie said...

-I love reading your blog

-I am jealous that you live near a Trader Joes... it is my most favorite place

-I am recently struggling with the balance between speaking my mind and being too quiet

-Lastly, if it is any consolation... We would hire you again in a second... we loved your work and I wish I had spent more time with you.

topsy said...

girl. i'm bummed that we haven't come to visit!!!! we have been so busy and haven't had time. the fall is nice there too, yes? we'll have so much more time then...

i love reading your blog too. and people are missing out on your work.