Sep 3, 2011

Day 5: Singapore

In a shopping mall (surprising? not really) on our way to Mark's place.

Today we decided to get our bodies in some water. YES. Seriously? I was dying over this because it was so over the moon hot and sticky all the time that it was getting a little crazy that going into the ocean wasn't part of everyone's daily life. We made a long long trek over to this place called "Sentosa". It's like an amusement park/resort. There are lots of pockets of rides & cotton candy stuff, but very modern and clean- not like our carnivals.. and then there is this long stretch of land that was made into a beach. It's totally all man-made. Just yards ahead were big boats that you typically don't see so close to you... cargo boats. Boats that do fireworks and stuff. But it was great to get our bodies in. It was raining but that didn't stop me!

We found this place on the sand with lawn chairs and umbrellas in front of an infinity pool. The ocean was kind of nasty and had a lot of moss on the bottom floor, instead of sand.. so I thought I might as well get into the pool and clean off. You're supposed to buy drinks before you go into the pool and lay on their lawn chairs. So we got a jug of diet coke. Turned out to be $27 dollars! So we split it and each of us got less than 12 oz. Haha. But atleast we got to lay on these chairs all day. We played PHASE 10 which Fiona had never played and she ended up beating all of us! and ate BBQ chips.
We played some volleyball/soccer ball with these German boys. They were quite friendly and we ended up hanging out with them the rest of the time in the pool. It's always fun meeting people while you're traveling. You have that in common at least. All these volleyball ones are by Fiona.

Can I be any more pasty? Nah, I don't think so. Come on, I was in Utah for years.
More by Fiona. This was when we came back from Sentosa. I was the only one that wanted to shower? Well my entire body was blue from my bathing suit. Never had a warning when it came in the mail to wash it before but I think maybe I should have assumed? Haha.
Tofu. Imagine him barking. I'm glad he's bonding with Paul because he never bonded with me.
Orchard Street- Red Light District. Not normal red-light, but "Lady Boy" red light. You can think about that one, I don't need to explain.
On our way back to TAB for some grub and sets.

Above- more by Fiona

Delta 1600

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