Aug 27, 2011

Day 4: Singapore

Today we headed over to Arab Street. It was close enough to the Business District that we had seen the day before and we heard it would be really fun to see. Well it sure was! I bought one of my favorite souvenirs here- a yard and a half of really cute fabric. Jessie ended up making a cute romper for Hazey.

It was full of a lot of walking. And I didn't expect it. So I wore my crappy shoes that gave me bruises from my boney feet.
The photo on the left is the mall where Fiona met us and where we left my beautiful fabric! We left it in a guitar shop and realized it that night when I went to look at the fabric again. Very sad. Then we figured out what shop we were out (very strange) and they had it there! So we went back the next day to get it. So crazy because the city is so busy busy busy.

This was at this insane vintage place. Insane insane. Drew & I paid 6$ to get 3 surprise bags... the ones on display looked really cool, so we decided, why not, there could be something really cool in there. Nope, just like McDonald's happy meal toys from the 60s. Apparently they were from the 60s, who really knows.

This was inside a Swedish Cafe. Drew lived there for 2 years on his mission and always loves a good swedish pastry place. We didn't hang out here though- I had to use the restroom and everything inside there was my dream. White white and white. And distressed wood. I was getting a lot of stares for taking this photo above. So I hurried and left.

More walking and walking. (neon bag is my souvenir I left at the mall)

Do you see that crazy building?? It's a fancy-schmanzy hotel. It's what we saw the day before and wanted to show Paul. We hung out there for the next 2 hours and the boys went to the top of it (not allowed). I stayed in the lobby so I wouldn't get in trouble. They got up to the top by taking an elevator, getting off literally inside the kitchen for the bar/club/pool at the top. They looked at them funny and they acted if they were staying in the hotel and were going to the pool.

I threw my gum down on the street below. I missed the car..bummer.

You can buy this image here...

Avril Lavigne was going to play there that same week we were there. Those were the seats for her show.

The few below are them at the top of the fancy hotel.. Drew took them all because I stayed at the bottom.

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these pictures are fabulous girl! just came across your blog and love it!