Aug 26, 2011

Day 3: Singapore

Today was China Town day! Right when we got into the town, we found this great market, (my mom would have died because the cleanliness was questionable) but it was great because finally we ate for 2-5$ instead of normal US prices of 8-12$ for a meal. And Chinese food is GOOD! Making sure I was eating gluten free was easy too.

I was craving to shop at a market like the kind where you bargain. I just live for that kind of stuff. So, this day I bought super cute ceramic bowls, chopsticks for a select few family and friends, and we tried Durian for the first time. We had heard how tasty Durian was (its a fruit that grows down in Southeast Asia) but how smelly it we had to find it in a place where it was sold by itself- not by anything else. Well, we were walking through the mall (9th photo) and right when we walked out, this strange, not bad smell passed us as someone was carting away garbage. Then we saw a bunch of empty durian shells. We just went towards the direction he came from and found it! It wasn't totally segregated like we were told it would be, maybe in Thailand it's different. But boy was it gross. We all sorta threw up in our mouths, then in the trash can. Luckily we had this colorful fruit that had pink spikes on it to eat. It was like a big grape once the skin is peeled off. Tasty! 

People were staring at us as we sat on this burning hot bench. I went over to the McDonalds behind me and got a soft serve with hot fudge! Yum.

Notice the police on the left side. Not sure if I was allowed to be taking pictures on the subway or not. We would be fined if we were eating, drinking and smoking on the subway. Like huge fines. And apparently chewing gum was another penalty. And you really never saw anyone chewing gum, anywhere. Well I did suckers and I didn't get caught!

Bathroom once we got back to Singapore in a really nice mall. The bathroom was seriously amazing and I had to take a picture. Before I went to the bathroom, we ran into about 8 or 10 missionaries, men and women. Most all of them, or even all of them were from America, and one girl was from Irvine and knew my friends that grew up there. Kinda funny. They were finding refuge in the mall with the air conditioning :)

This was in the business district at this really cool coffee lounge place. The boys above are getting ready for a show. The club set it up that they would play a 40 minute set there.. it's something they do with all the musicians they fly out. Below are photos that Fiona took that I grabbed from FB:

We left knowing that we wanted to come back to the district the next day, to show Paul because he didn't come...and because of this crazy building... 

We went straight from the district to TAB to play more music... (more photos from Fiona)..
I don't look like a pasty white way. Maybe flash isn't really my thing after spending months away from the

I had Paul try my mystery dish too.. he didn't love it so much and was bummed he didn't get something else. Sorry! I think it's fantastic!

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