Jan 20, 2009

Another tag post!

All of these answers have to be one word

Were is your cell phone? left
Were is your significant other? class
Your hair color? brown
Your favorite thing? honeymoon
Your dream last night? forget
Your life dream/goal? healthy
The room you're in? classroom
Your hobby? reading
Your fear? stalkers
Where do you want to be in 6 years? beach
Where were you last night? parkcity
What you're not? booksmart
One of your wish list items? pt+shootcamera
Where you grew up? o.c.
The last thing you did? lunch
What you are wearing: stripedturtleneck
Your TV? LOST!
Your pet? plant
Your computer? macbook
Your mood? confused
Missing someone? drew
Something you're NOT wearing? chapstick
Favorite store? gap
Your summer? marriage
Your fave color? red
When is the last time you laughed? 40min
When is the last time you cried? the19th
Your significant other's hair: curlycurlycurly
Your life in one word: yes!!!!!!

1 comment:

cheryl said...

This was so fun to read! (I especially love that your fav. thing is honeymoon!) Well, since we have all decided to move up here this year, let's get together! I'll email you and Melissa and maybe we can figure out a day.