Dec 21, 2008

The Honeymoon

The honeymoon started in San Clemente at our friend's condo on the Pier. It was so nice of them to offer it to us. We stayed there for 2 days after the wedding, then got picked up in a caravan to go up to LAX at 4 am. We got to the airport by to our seats at 6:50am and the plane was supposed to board at 7:10. Well.. we both HAD to use the restroom and took turns to stay by our luggage. When Drew got back.. it was like 7:15 and we looked at our gate..and didn't see ANYONE! No announcements, no nothing. So we hurry up to the lady at our gate and she said that they JUST shut the doors. So it must have been my fault for not paying attention. Anyways, the woman starts to cry once we told her that it was our honeymoon and we were on our way to the Virgin Islands... and she scurried to help us. Well it just so happened that the gate next to us was departing to Miami as well.. in TEN MINUTES! We were so lucky to get on stand-by and make it! 

In our villa. It was so big and maids would come clean it while we were gone. They wouldn't just replace the towels, they would deep clean our kitchen and do our dishes. I'm sure they got sick of us by the end of the week because we had fun making it dirty and not worrying about cleaning it up. Our little friends that would play cards with us at the beach by our villa.

Our little friends that would play cards with us at the beach by our villa.

This was our walk home from the beach. Iguanas are like seagulls in San Clemente... harmless but EVERYWHERE!

A restaurant owned by the Marriott. This was the second and last time we spent money on restaurants. It was atleast $20.00 a person. So instead, we cooked and packed lunches.

The View from our living room. (taken inside the window that's why it looks a bit fuzzy)
On the ferry over to St. John's. 

Trunk Bay, named in one of the top ten beaches of the world. It truly was amazing!!!!!!

We climbed up a rock to get this photograph.

Need I say more??

We rented a little scooter for two days for $50.00. The gas was only $5 to fill up a tank and the tank lasted us the whole way around the island. So we went around twice in two days.. stopping to take pictures, saw the LDS church on the side of a highway, and went to all different kinds of beaches. One was super touristy so we only jumped in the water to cool off, then another, we went to this beach where it was locals only. Yeah, we only stayed ten minutes as well... very intimidating. But fun to hear reggae in the water from the sand. 

The opposite side of where we were staying.. on the island.

Drew getting honked at.

After our stop at blockbuster to get a few movies. The owner's daughter was sitting in a van waiting for her mom, so I asked her to take a picture of us. 

Sir Francis "Drake's Seat". We searched for HOURS (not really, but kinda) for this bench. It was Drew's quest.

7 days after we arrived, it was time for us to leave. :( very tragic. We talk about our honeymoon just about every day. 


Laura Hendricks said...

how fun i want to go there. merry christmas you guys

CherstynandMatt said...

Great to hear from you and glad you found us! Congrats on your marriage!