Dec 16, 2008

August 2, 2008

Yes Melissa! I can't wait for your wedding coming up! Hehe.

Well, our wedding was perfect. I couldn't have asked for ANYTHING more. Okay, maybe I could have asked for more mustard and whipping cream that said " Just Married " on our little beetle. Anyways. The day started off by waking up around 7.. (I slept very well by the way) and I think I ate some oatmeal. My mom knows me too well to not offer to make it for me. She's such a sweetheart! She brought it up to me, to her master bathroom where Melissa was preparing to do my hair. It was kinda silly of me not to plan what I wanted my hair and make-up to look like, but I knew she wouldn't make me look funny, so I just told her to do whatever. In the meantime, Drew was downstairs, getting ready as well, and probably got stuck watching TV with a relative. I then looked at the clock and realized we had to be at the temple in an hour and we live an hour away! So I gave my kisses and hugs, then Drew & I were out. We listened to some Neil Young and some Cranberries on the way there..just dancing (hiding my nerves really). It was a beautiful ceremony and such a beautiful day! We were sealed at 1pm and came out of the temple to lots and lots of family and friends. Pictures weren't terrible because I was so happy to have Jonathan there to take them for me. Lindsay made my favorite sandwiches and my grandparents gave us a cooler with snacks... so we were eating in between. Then, it was back to San Clemente to get ready for the reception. As predicted, my mom was calling us wondering where we were, 20 minutes before the reception. But we literally walked in the door after the temple 30 minutes before the it was a quick get ready and back into the dress. 

We got there at 6 (when it started thank you very much), and so many people were already there to greet us. The whole night was so magical. So many people I had purposely made sure to invite because I hadn't seen them ages. We didn't have a line because I didn't want to be stuck and no one wanted to stand in line I'm sure. So we walked around and greeted everyone, and ate yummy food. Drew was snuggly all night and wouldn't let me leave his side. It really was so magical! I loved it!!!!! The music was super mellow, the cake was simple and delicious, and the night was full of celebration. I know I sound super cheesy, but this is my chance to be. 

This guy in my ward back at home, and my old boss, offered to film part of the day with this really rad camera. Check it out HERE!

(the photographs above have been scanned so the color is a bit more saturated than normal)


Melly Mel said...

I loved your wedding day. It was so beautiful. Your sealing, the reception, the night before. You guys were such a laid back couple. I am so happy to see you both soon. I love you guys....

Also, I love how I caught the bouquet next to Kim and Heather who are both engaged and I'm no where near that.

Liese said...

Elise! I love these! I was listening to the Motown channel on and it made looking at the pictures so much more fun! Hahaha. You're awesome!

Cheryl said...

I loved your wedding day too! The pictures are all so beautiful!!

Laura Hendricks said...

you look rediculously pretty elise. :)