Dec 15, 2008

Finals = candy and cramming

Well, I am taking a little and quick break from my final studying. I have decided that I am going to study for my marriage, d&c, and health test all day today, then go take them (all three) tonight. Just get it done with. I could take one each day...and make it easier on myself, but that wouldn't be satisfying my personality in the least bit. I gotta do it! For my sanity. There are all sorts of winter cleaning I have to do before we leave for California. We have been sitting on our couches this past weekend just on our computers, listening to christmas music, on an occasion, and eating all the candy left over from our white elephant party. That's another post when I can actually get my life back together.

As for Mr. Capener, he is panning out, against his will, his finals until Wednesday night. Good luck to him. 

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Aubrey said...

Good luck you two!!!!