Apr 1, 2015

Theo 8 Mo Old

Theo is a wild man! Maybe it's because he feels like he has to keep up with big brother Finn. But man this kid! Keeps me working thats for sure.

-Crawls up stairs really well.
-Never cries when wakes up (never has, but I think we are just realizing this) Sometimes we wonder how long he's really been awake for.
-Apparently said Mama
-Think it's funny when we brush our teeth. Is super fascinated.
-My favorite crawling baby I've ever seen. He crawls like a bull dog and with force and conviction. Huffs + puffs.
-Nursing 6x a day.
-Laughs hard when we laugh.
-Kicks his feet when he's excited or sees me. If he hears my voice, he instantly cries because he wants me.
-Loves to be on his knees.
-Loves balls!
-Doesn't like when you take something out of his hands... hmm I wonder why!
-Wants to eat everything in site.
-His smile literally lights up a room.

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