Mar 29, 2015

Finn 2.5 Yrs

Finn at 2.5 (31 mo) is SO FUN. He talks up a crazy storm and can keep up any conversation, making us think twice everything that comes out of our mouth (still need to get better at it though..) He has the best sense of direction.. maybe every kid is like this this young, but it blows my mind! For instance, if I tell him we are going to get a smoothie, and go the opposite of the direction from the smoothie place (to make a u turn at the light or something) he knows and says to turn around. He randomly gets shy in front of people, but he's still very very social and enjoys being the center of attention. He is just now starting to not like to share, and especially with Theo. He doesn't even want Theo a couple feet from him when playing with his toys. We are curious if Theo is the reason he gave us a run for our money when he turned 2..-Just started trying to pick Theo up.

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