May 1, 2015

Theo at 9 Months Old

We looooove Theo at 9 months! He's such a nugget! And still such a snuggler.

-Has a fascination with buttons and remote controls.
-Has started using his index finger but doesn't know how to point yet. But still uses it a lot!
-Giggles when we giggle (still have to get him good to make him laugh)
-loves to suck on his lips
-Makes a ducky face allll the time..has been doing this forever.
-Loves when I lay my hand on his face while nursing for a nap or night time.
-Nursing 6x a day
-Is fantastically good at copying our sounds exactly.
-VERY good at throwing a ball. We are fascinated! Seriously he throws it right to us.
-Scared but also very curious of the vaccum
-Still the fastest crawler ever created. He probably will never walk cuz he can get around like speedy gonzalez!
-Makes the funniest sounds while eating. Of course is such a good eater.. but is showing signs that he'll for sure be picky!

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