Sep 15, 2012

Weeks 11-16

Recently, I think about how I need to blog and how in later months I will totally regret not having a record of all these things. My short term memory is pretty bad so I can't really record much now! 

I was pretty sick during these early days. I didn't think I would be one of those women that would be bed ridden because of it, but I really was. Drew had to stop asking what was for dinner, and started taking Lady out for more walks so she would be bugging me while he was working. It was SUCH a blessing that I didn't have any clients to deal with or photos to edit during this time. It really was a tender mercy. And besides the morning (all day sickness), I had intense fatigue that made it really hard to do anything for a long period of time. If I did one errand, I'd be done the rest of the day..and I'm one of those- do every single errand you can fit into in one whole day so you don't have to do one everyday during the week type thing. So that kinda messed with my head a bit. 
 11 weeks- first time taking a prego shot. This was while Halen & Asher were visiting. Asher came down to work with Drew and we didn't tell Asher we were pregnant..until one night, I was making pasta (easiest dinner ever!) and I said something like-sorry I haven't cooked at all this week for you- and here's why! And here's our ultrasound! I remember standing at the stove and he was right next to it- in shock! I told him I was really sick and being in the kitchen just really made it worse. Then we couldn't wait until Halen would come into town so we could all tell her together! She's been through a lot of it with me with past pregnancies and conversations of how bad it hurt when everyone else would announce their pregnancies while I was even wondering if I could ever go full term with one. SO that was fun when we picked her up at the airport and I was just about 11 weeks. I gave her a gift- maybe a birthday gift? Don't remember if it was a real gift or just an U/S tucked inside. Then we went to a gas station to get some soda and chocolate bars :)
13 & 3 days-  during this week I had an appointment and while the midwife was listening to his heartbeat on the doppler, she noticed how often he was kicking.. and I said ya I have been feeling him for a week now! AND Drew could feel him kick. They were light kicks but definitely noticable. That freaked her out because it's very rare for that to happen so early on for a first time mom. She ordered an ultra sound and at my 17 week appointment, they measured that he was a week ahead, bumping my due date to Oct 15. Kinda disappointed because she thought for sure he would be an entire month ahead..making it a September baby! OH well.
16 weeks


The Framed Lady said...

Such pretty pictures. I love Lady in the second one. I love your pregnancy! I'm so happy it's been healthy!

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Love your photos. Of course. Congrats!!! Hey we will have babies really close... Im due Oct. 1 I hope you are feeling better!

O'Loughlins said...

You are so cute!! And where did you get that black and gray dress??? Love!