Sep 16, 2012

20-28 weeks

 20 weeks- This week we were staying in Sandy with Drew's family. My memory is so foggy and I don't remember why we were there.. oh wait I think it was because I had engagements to photograph, these ones so we made a trip out of it. The weather wasn't hot yet so that was nice. But I was still exhausted all the time and having trouble sleeping. Looking back I am very grateful that I wasn't uncomfortable yet. 20 weeks is a good time in pregnancy. I finally felt like I had a bump to show off, rather than major bloat, but not too big to where I couldn't exercise or whatever.
21 weeks
24 weeks- by this time baby is moving around like crazy! I'm starting to tell where things are- or at least have good guesses. Mornings are mainly when I feel him at this point. But also can notice him while I'm moving around during the day, which I think is really exciting because that means he's growing!
28 weeks- this morning was the same day Drew's family came to stay at my parents for a week while MY parents & family were in Jackson Hole at my Aunt's. The previous weeks we had Abby, Sam & Rikki stay with us at all different times. That was fun but probably would have been more fun for them if I had not been pregnant :/ My energy levels were very low and I couldn't cook a solid meal. But other than that, I was loving my belly and everything that was coming along with it. (even the things you never hear about until you panic and research all about it to know why that is happening! :) We got CABLE the week before! We weren't much TV watchers because we were used to watching stuff on Hulu but we knew that it'd be so nice not to huddle around a computer while in bed and watch something together. 

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