May 9, 2012

So far

I haven't been very good at blogging- with either blog lately. I am not really that busy of a person. Just don't really feel like I have anything to say or show anymore! People that hear about my everyday activities just laugh because they wished they didn't work or whatever it is. I do wish I had something to do, so I try to stay busy, whether it's cleaning a certain part of my house, or all of my house, or knitting (new hobby and I'm lovin it!), YW stuff (I'm secretary), taking Lady for 3 hour walks so she comes home and sleeps for 3 days straight (the best!) or surfing. Or hanging on the sand with friends. Let's just face it. If you know me, you know I can't really work for anyone. That's why I have my own photography business!

So far my pregnancy has been a healthy one- but I have had my ups & downs with morning sickness. I  was telling a friend today how I couldn't really remember what it was like not being pregnant. And here I was 5 months ago wishing so badly I would be pregnant, and I would do anything for morning sickness. I still would, if that meant a healthy baby, but my views have changed and I totally get why people would limit their family size because of how productive they are while pregnant. I used to have this view that pregnancy was such bliss (just because the end result is such bliss in my mind) that I just thought your belly gets big, and a baby comes out 10 months later. For some people, it is and I envy them while I'm looking over my "bowl". Yesterday was a monumental day though where I only felt nauseated right before I closed my eyes (rather than alllll day long) and I think it was just because my body was so tired. But not once during the day was I dry heaving or anything. I loved it! I'm starting to feel the baby move more & more everyday. They're really light kicks- like as if your eye twitches and I only feel them when I'm laying down or digesting. He likes to stay on the right side of my belly and in the morning is when I really see it. The ultrasound tech lady said that a lot of times they find a good spot in the uterus and hang out there most of the time! Kinda fun.The baby is all we talk about and it's crazy how just in 6 months our lives are going to change FOREVER. We are ready for it, just wishing sometimes we could slow down time and really sink it in. We have named baby -Finn. Still thinkin on a middle name. I've had this name picked out (since before I even saw Glee, ok!) and love the fact I get to finally use it! Get it out of my system! I don't know if Drew would have let me do it for a girl. I just can't see myself naming him anything different, and I love that Drew calls him that too- like "What does Finn want for dinner?" or "It's a good thing Finn's making you sick" or "How's baby Finn?" Then I get really (not so) funny words from Drew like "Wow, you look fat! Whoops (as he covers his mouth!)" or this was yesterday "You look like humpty-dumpty! I'll show you a picture online so you can see!" Hm. These are really fun to hear. Ha! It is mind boggling to see a body change and getting ready to house a human body for months. I'm ready to get out of the chubby/bloated stage and onto the uncomfortable fun stage of actually looking pregnant. That will be a relief!


Kara Shurtliff said...

Pregnancy IS so tough..and LONNNG. It feels like forever. It took us a while to get pregnant too, and I was also really sick, so I can relate. As I'm sure you know, it's NOT total bliss AFTER bay is born! Don't get me wrong, I love my baby girl to death. My goodness I love that baby! But it's rough too. A lot of sleepless nights, a LOT of crying (in our case), and a lot of MESS. But the good news is, it gets better and better every day and I love her more and more every day. Just keep that in mind when it's not perfect right away. Good luck! It's such an adventure.

Shauny said...

You looked amazing on Sunday! I am so happy for you guys! And better yet....We got the house! So that means play dates and help are on the way! hehe

Jamie said...

Hey's Amanda's friend Jamie! I found your blog from hers and wanted to say hello!
Your belly is darling and congrats on the boy! You will soon see the relationship between Mama and their boys is a very special one! I'm so glad you get to have that, its pretty awesome!
Glad you're feeling well! Hopefully we can get together again once Amanda's feeling settled!

Ps. Is that your husbands band? They're awesome! We've been listening to them all morning!

kylie said...

that's okay because you guys are awesome.