Apr 19, 2012

Couldn't have asked for anything better..

We are expecting and due sometime around October 22. Today I am 13w4d and have known since 3w5d and let me tell you- it's been killing us not to climb to the roof tops and tell the world. This isn't our first pregnancy but this is our healthiest one and every little milestone (like the heartbeat we heard on the doppler last week) makes us happy. Today we went to Costa Mesa to see if we can find the sex of our little nugget. Well, we could see that it was clearly a boy!
 He was eating, swallowing & making sucking faces. His hands
were by his face the entire time..well when he wasn't wiggling.
That's the best profile we're gonna get for now..

If that isn't a boy, I don't know what is. But it is kinda scary getting
an "early" gender scan and finding out at 20 weeks it's not.
But she said she was 99.9% sure, so that made us feel really good.

At H&M shopping. We went afterwards to the spectrum to find
baby boy an outfit and realized only the Mission mall has a
kids section. So while Drew tried on pants, I took belly pictures.
I honestly didn't think I'd get a bump til around 16 weeks but it
"popped" right before 12 weeks. I can't imagine how big I'll be
if I'm already showing. Uh oh!

H&M Lumber Jack shoes that Drew found & bought & I chose this onesie
from Baby Gap. Wow am I in LOVE with both. Too bad these shoes won't
fit for who knows how much longer after Babe is born but they will be
fabulous Utah/snow shoes!!
Was shopping for clothes a little too much for the first day? Maybe but
I couldn't contain myself. Anythin stripes man, it's my weakness.

Drew on the phone telling one of his bests- JJ about the


Tesiah said...

Congratulations Elise! So excited for you!

Castleberry Photography said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh!! that outfit is KILLLING me. I like boy clothes so much better! What is wrong with me! Guess I'm just going to have to spend my boy $$$ on you :)

Claire Andra White said...

yay!!!!!!!! Brandon and I are sooo excited for you guys! and now I have an excuse to go to baby gap! oh so excited :) you two will be rad parents

Scene Sister said...

So wonderful, you Capeners. Love you both (three!) so much!

thobeka said...

Oh congratulations, how exciting!!!

La Esposa said...

Sweet Elise,

Kyle first told me about this absolutely wonderful news while we were laying in bed late one night. I think he'd seen it on fb or something. But I wish you could have seen my reaction! lol I gasped and immediately started clapping with joy; I felt kinda silly looking back. But I did want to tell you how elated this news makes us. WE could not be happier for you and drew. I look forward to the cute outfits you'll be buying him. HIM! Oh boy, they sure are fun. And if he comes with Drew's hair...how cute. Anyway, we love you and wanted to say FELICIDADES!!!!

Leslie Ann said...

Seriously Elise, we could not be happier for you. Congratulations!

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Elise that is super exciting!!! I am so happy for ya'll!! I hope everything continues to go well with this pregnancy. I am excited to hear about your pregnancy and compare it to mine - I am due Oct 1st with our second little boy. They are sure fun!! You are going to LOVE it and dont feel bad about showing early- in my mind you then have less weeks of just feeling fat and blah and more weeks of enjoying the cute little bump!

Trudy said...

Congratulations!!! That onesie and the boots are just too cute. I hope the whole pregnancy is as beautiful for you.