Dec 3, 2011

Lately with Lady

Lately, life has been nothing short of BUSY. I feel like my old self again, while at school I mean. When we first moved here, all I did was sleep in, go to the beach, come home, take a nap, and do it all again before bed time. I was a little worried that that was my new life. Now, I wake up at 7 sharp, we switch off mornings of taking Lady out, and the etsy shop-making stuff making begins. Or I get called into Anthro. All I want to do is wrap all the presents we've bought for our family and friends (yes, we are totally done now!) and drink hot cocoa and catch up on old shows and blog. I am loving this etsy stuff though. I've purchased a lot, yet sold a lot, so I feel like I'm justified in shopping online.

Thanks to my lovely Drew, our fake tree is up and I decided this year to not put any ornaments on it because I think it's so pretty just plain. He said he thinks that's the German way of decorating trees. THEN, I saw the "holiday" box in the garage, and saw all the ornaments Drew's bought for me in the past. We bought one in Bali (it's a mermaid, I love mermaids!) and he usually each Christmas, buys us a snowflake ornament. I now have a Swedish one and a wood one. I love them. So, our tree is no longer simple and pretty, it's cluttered with only about 8 collected-over-time ornaments. And, our tree is also in a basket because we have no idea where the bottom went. Go us!

Did I mention that our house has never looked so bad. And I haven't made a meal in probably 3 weeks besides simple bruschetta pasta. Then I have a few family shoots to edit. I want to do it all, but there is just not enough time in one day! The best part is, Lady loves to be near me, always. She switches off though. If I'm not home during the day for a good three days straight (black friday week at Anthro), she becomes very attached to Drew. But otherwise she is at my feet or lap.

Right now, Lady is snoring below my feet on a pillow, in the sun. I have to be very quiet and I'm using the day today to CLEAN. I can't wait, except I can't make any noise or she wakes up and follows me. She is so tired that she gets anxious, because she needs to be by me always! I'm sounding very redundant, right? I feel like this is what it would be like to have a newborn. They need all your attention, always. And when they're napping, it's the only time to get stuff done, like really get stuff done, unless someone else was paying attention to her. But man that dishwasher needs to be emptied so my sink can be emptied, but those dang dishes make so much noise there is just no way. All I can do right now is make the bed because it's quiet.

Here I go. Wish me luck!

I'm in a much need for a vacation in the sun (because I never see it anymore) and with lots sleeping.

(Sorry, there was really no point in writing all this, other than to get it out of my head and listen to my Lady snore. She falls asleep when I'm sitting at the desk.)

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