Dec 6, 2011


Have you heard of Kinfolk? Go check it out here. And see this video on their website, love watching it. Drew was just hired by them to do some web stuff and needed a simple photo of him to go on their website- to add to their collection of designers, photographers, marketers.. etc. It's really cool. While I've been a busy elf in our office doing my etsy stuff, Drew's been doing Kinfolk work. Right after we took the photos today, one of their books was sent to us! So exciting! Drew immediately thought to give it to my dear sister in law for a gift, but sorry, I love it too much! It says "A Guide for Small Gatherings". Hello. Totally me. Not too big, but not too small of a gathering is my kinda gathering. So we will definitely be admiring this on our coffee table and at our bedtime readings. 


Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

so glad I didn't just buy you this! haha. totally was going to

Miss B. said...

very awesome. I just saw his photo on the website. looks great!