Nov 25, 2011

Who knew?

I feel like I've been neglecting my journal by not writing on my blog as frequently as I want. We've been really busy. With puppy and all, life seemed to just got a lot more hectic than it needed to. Who knew that having a dog is probably a lot more stressful than a child? Well, maybe not true, but she's our child, until we have one of our own (which could be centuries from now!) so for now, she is all we talk or think about. I never thought I'd be one of those people, but oh well. Such is life.

I've been selling these burlap stockings on Etsy and had no anticipation of them actually selling. Who knew? So it's been consuming my every moment when I'm not working at Anthro. Ya? You forgot I work there? It's really fun (and I'm still saying this after I worked all day today at black friday), but who knew retail would be so much work? I have a lot more appreciation for employees at the stores I frequent and will forever hang up the clothes neatly on the hangers, hand them my "go-back" clothes, and make sure when I'm on the floor, I will pick up clothes that accidentally fall off the hangers. The list goes on, but those are the main ones that cause my back to ache.

I haven't surfed in weeks. It's killing me and I need to get my body wet real soon before I freak. Then I think about my wetsuit and how it's just not as thick as I'd like. Shoot.

We just visited Utah for an entire week. It was a lot of catching up with family and friends, and a little music here and there. I loved being there and seeing everyone, but I realized a lot more of how much our lives have really changed since we moved, and how our lives are here now, not there. It was weird. I felt like I had gone on vacation for 6 months and was back. Then I had to shake it out of my head and remember our address and our new lives. We missed Lady and never want to leave her again!

Thanksgiving yesterday was really nice. I slept in (well kinda) and I went to feed the homeless with some family while Drew surfed with my brothers. The church that organized the feeding, didn't organize very well, and we weren't needed. So we left. Then I went home and showered and did some more stockings for my etsy peeps, then we headed over to my parents where I continued making stockings, while we watched Ellen and ate junk food. Then over to the Devines for some of G's glorious cooking! I always love spending time there I'm so grateful they're our family!!

Until next time blog..until next time.

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