Jul 1, 2011

I Heart Coronado

My dad is so awesome. We were over at my parents and a minute before we left to go to bed, he said- let's go to Coronado tomorrow. Well who says no to that?? I love Coronado. There is something so romantic about it. So we headed down around 10am and met up with my lovely grandparents at their time share. It's so funny- they live so close to all their time-shares they go to but she said it's really nice to get away, even if it is so close so it feels like a vacation.

Anyways- we took beach chairs, umbrellas and laid in the sun at the beach, ate nachos, my grandma and dad bought me a set of these marvelous plates that I saw at a gift shop (I keep looking at them and so happy they're sitting in my plate cabinet) then went to this BBQ place on Ferry's Landing. I need to spend at least two full days walking around Ferry's Landing. It was so beautiful seeing downtown from that side of the island. Oh man, should we just move down to San Diego? Nah. But I sure love it for visits here and there!!!

(I keep forgetting we live here now, so when we were in Coronado and I was outside my favorite stationary boutique and it was closed, I was so bummed out because I couldn't think of the next time I would be there, but then I remembered, hey I can just drive down here if I really want to go there so bad... awesome right? Who wants to join me for the long ride down?)

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e.wilson said...

you are right about not leaving the beach, elise. you two are obviously in your element. california looks good on you. i'm so happy for you and your move HOME.