Jun 30, 2011

Father's Day 2011

This year, Father's Day was celebrated by going to Stake Conferance and then a bbq dinner (by Drew, provided by my mom) of yummy steaks and chicken. Then off to Mitch's to celebrate with them. Melissa of course did the decorating (And the upside down mustaches) in the corner of the kitchen and I made my Dad's favorite- carrot cake (from scratch you should all know because who does that everyday? not me!). We wished we could have been with all of our Dad's! We love them all so much and we're grateful for atleast one day of the year, we can celebrate them for being Fathers.

I told Drew we should celebrate a "Soon-to-be" Father's Day or something for married men that don't have children yet. Just to get them excited to actually be Dad's. Then I started thinking of how much Drew is going to LOVE Father's Day because he loves celebrating really anything. His birthday and Christmas are his favorite holidays for sure. And he especially loves surprises so I gotta be on my A game every year to make sure it's better than the last, and that he's surprised!

Then Jackson asks my Dad after he gave him his card that said "Oil Love You Dad"- he asked, "When is there "Kid's Day"?" I thought that was cute.

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