Jun 26, 2011

9 photos 9 days in Utah

The weather in Utah was amazing, visiting with Drew's newly moved family was amazing... it was too good to be true. We can't believe we have to wait until the end of July to see them all again! Here's some snap shots from my phone from the few days we spent there.
I had Peggy take this picture of us because we were basically wearing the same outfit. And it's funny because he bought this striped shirt because I love it so much. We always end up dressing alike! We also LOVE this car. 
Sweet Abby was given the sweetest pup she named Lucy. We surprised Bob with it because he thought she'd be there a few days later. He may be more in love with Lucy than Abby.

Drew took this photo most likely because he misses the mountains. 
On our way to the storage unit in Provo from the airport, I had to eat. So we stopped at Barbecoa (one of my favorite most missed places!) and knew it was right by Halen's work. So I texted her and boom, she's there in 15. As we're sitting there, she's telling us how Asher wishes he was there and da da da da da then all of the sudden, there he is! He was just right up the road! What a surprise!
We got to visit Halen and Asher because I had to go down to Springville to pick up some client albums. So it was a great excuse to see them for a few hours and eat our indian food and just hang out. You only get a few friends like these in one lifetime and I'm glad we got them!
It's always a treat to visit Cape. 

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