Jun 22, 2011

What we've been up to lately..

  • We have moved in a place in Dana Point and loving where we are! So close to Doheny and my family. It's too good to be true.
  • Painting our place. We feel so silly painting, literally every wall of this big place because we are just renters, but we justify it by saying that we can't work from home, in a home that is covered in yellow, hospital colored walls, and do our work well. We are almost done painting.. Just the office, the hallway (it's like 16 feet tall), and the downstairs bathroom to go!
  • Drew has started working with Asher as "755 Marketing" more full time because they are getting more and more clients. I think Asher talks to Drew more than I do during the day! Sometimes I have to text Asher while he's on the phone with Drew and say, "Asher, this is me and Drew time." Or "We're on a date Asher.." Anyways- their jobs are to help companies rise up on search engines so they can get more attention and clicks. If you know of anyone that wants this, let us know! 
  • We spent 9 days in Utah helping Drew's parents move back from Switzerland. We are now professional movers! Haha! It was so much fun getting a lot of time with them- morning to night. We hadn't done that since last summer. 
  • While in Utah, I did 2 bridals, 1 engagement and 1 wedding. Then I raced home to make it in time for another wedding the next day! I have a lot of work to do!
  • I just started reading the next Hunger Games. It's not as enthralling as the last, so pray for me that I will get through it!
  • Hm I can't think of anything else we've been up to. Really just moving in is taking over our lives. Everything is out of their boxes, but no couch to sit on or BBQ to cook on (that's what I'm looking most forward to! Our backyard is perfect for it.) Hopefully tomorrow we will go couch hunting. Oh and no kitchen table because Drew has to figure out how to put the legs back on, after our move. Our time will come when we will be more settled. It better come soon though or somethin bad's gonna go down.
  • Pictures of Bali, Father's Day and our Utah trip to come!

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