Jul 2, 2011

I have such talented friends.

I've said this before on this blog, but it's true! Whether it's in the kitchen or in their craft room, I got them. I probably have more creative friends than friends that are not. Maybe it's because artists tend to gravitate towards people that are creative... hmm whatever the case, you should check out some of the stuff they sell online.

Jessie (Drew's younger sis) has a couple places to check out:

Beehive Babies

Here is this cute romper she made Hazey out of fabric we bought her as a souvenir from Singapore (Arab Street). I was hoping she would put it to good use and she did! And it was just enough fabric I'm sure because Haze is so tiny still. Jessie sure can sew!!! I wish we lived close so she can make pillow cases for our new couches. 

Sidenote for memories sake: The first time I met Jessie, was before I met Drew. She had a booth selling these books, I think in 2007, and I became obsessed with them. All day throughout the music festival (SEGO), I kept stopping by to look at them, then finally bought the one I loved. I left it at the booth because it was raining, then totally forgot about it because I'm sure I scurried away to get out of the rain. So I remembered the next day because I was telling my roommate Kelly about this amazing book I bought, then realized I left it! So I went on a search for this girl that sold the books. Somehow I got her number, got my book back, then a few weeks later I met Drew...and put the two together. Funny huh? I have since acquired I think 4 of her [coptic] books and then learned how to make my own from a long semester class. It was brutal. I'll have to show you what my books look like. I'm very proud. Anyways, you have to buy some! I'm not sure how many she's selling because on her site it only shows one...but she can do any paper you want.

My dear friend Caitlin started a vintage-wear shop called "Oh It's Caitlin". It's about time she did because she collects so much! Back in the day she would just give me stuff because it wouldn't fit her...and she didn't care because she had so much of it! She is also a fabulous artist, always has been. See her blog here.

Another vintage shop is from my friend's Roxanne & Sam Gray, a married couple. I photographed here. See their shop here. Don't you love the way they've arranged the color on the site? Clever. And they have so many items because when they got married, they combined forces. 

Okay I'm done bragging. I have so many more friends that do so many things and share their talents by selling their amazing things, so I will be back.


Roxanne said...

you are so sweet to mention us! we miss you here in provo, and we are pretty jealous of your daily surfing trips! (not that i surf or anything...)

Roxanne said...

and ps.
we STILL get compliments on your photos!

Oh It's Caitlin said...

loves darling miss. thanks.