Jul 10, 2011

As of late..

-I am terribly behind on blogging. I have so many posts that need to be posted. I just don't have the time anymore! Maybe I will make Sunday's my update days, or atleast store them on my blog and post them each day to keep it exciting. Because I know you all come to my blog for excitement, right?

-Some friends from Utah just visited and stayed with us for a couple nights. That was fun...surfing at Doheny, showin them the ropes. Ya know.

-Wishing my skin wouldn't get so sunburned all the time. I swear I never used to sunburn but maybe my skin forgot about the sun while I was in Utah for so long! I was either in the house when it was too cold/hot, or in the mountains in shade during summertime. Never really in the sun! So I've been punished everyday from being at the beach all day. I apply sunscreen but apparently not enough.

-Drew's written quite a few more songs, like 15. Awesome right?

-Home decorating is quite the challenge and such a fun hobby. Challenge because I have the idea in my head but can't execute it well and because our pocketbooks don't allow us to buy what we want. BUT let me tell you, the IKEA here in OC, is amazing. The "as-is" pile is the best I've ever seen and am considering just going there everyday to get a steal. The Draper one has nothin on this! We just got a $80 outdoor table for $30! Steal!

-I have ZERO summer clothes. What did I wear in Utah from June-October? I have no idea and apparently only knits & longsleeves. Kind of a bummer since all I want to spend our cash is for our home, and not my closet. But I can't keep wearing beach cover-ups with cardigans and leggings anymore. I need summer clothes!

-We want to start BBQ-ing SO BAD. Our backyard is the most perfect & private backyard for having a group over and eating and staying outside all day after a long day at the beach. We will soon string lights and get chairs to match our table so we can make it a reality.

-I am about done with the 2nd Hunger Games. I love to read and wish I could do that all day everyday!

-Thinking about making an online store for the crafts I make. What do you think?

-Still doing a family give-away for the month of July! Tell your peeps! I have a few slots left.

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