May 2, 2011

You Tube Babies

I'm not much of a youtube person. Like I don't go to parties or have friends over anticipating watching them. I only find them through other people and really gravitate towards the baby ones. Yes we all know I'm baby hungry, what's new. But that's not why. I think babies are amazing and so hilarious!! And I'm so glad that parents catch them on film. I sorta feel bad for 95% of them because they are sometimes meant to make fun of the baby- but the list I compiled below are my top favorite. All wholesome and the kids would be proud to be the babies in the films. Maybe not the "annoyed baby"- I feel bad for her.

Charlie Bit Me-I just watched it tonight for the first time in probably 2 years. it reminds me of being single, living with roommates Kelly & Kess. I think Kelly and I discovered it together and watched it maybe 20 times before calling it quits. So fun. Makes me want to raise my kids some place else.

Newborn twins- so cute! makes me want my own.

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Steph said...

LOVE these videos. Laughing babies are the best! OH and the evil eye one was hilarious.