Apr 30, 2011

Class of 2011- photo overload!

Waiting to head up to campus before Graduation.
The photo program graduates.
Natalie Neal
Amanda Cowley
JJ Frioux- Drew's childhood best friend
My two professors- John Telford & Paul Adams
Next to my recent show "266 North 400 East". If you're walking through the library, make sure to take a peek. Read the artist statement first.
I love this banner Jessie made for me. It says "Congraduations Elise" 
Hazel has just learned how to kiss! I love it!
Wow. We are college graduates. It's unreal the emotions. I'm tired and excited, but mostly tired. Four years of exhaustion is really catching up to me. All my plans to start reading, working out.... (the list can go on and on) seems like it's going to take the back seat until I can regain motivation for productivity. I wish BYU would give us a spring break, so before finals and graduation, soon to be graduates can have a time to recoup so that when they graduate, they don't just want to crawl in a hole. 

I am so grateful that my family was here for graduation. We missed you Capeners! But so happy the Huish's were there. I could see little Hazel's round head bopping around while on laps. And I'd see my little brother texting me. But other than that my family was in a dark spot in the audience. And the ceremony was quite boring (luckily I had Nat and Amanda sitting to my sides or else I would have fallen totally asleep). I felt like Drew's last year was so much more exciting with cool artists. But such is life. 

After the ceremony, we went over to see my show and then went to Carrabba's for a delicious meal. So delicious. And it wasn't even crowded! Then we came back and played games with Hae & Asher. The house was definitely a giant sleep over with each room full of people but it made it for a fun and interesting weekend. One day we will have a home with guest rooms :) 

The next day my Dad treated us to the new flowrider in Riverwoods. We anticipated for it all morning- and it was really fun. But it was hard. They should have a 20 minute training session so you don't stress out from wasting time just trying to learn the dang sport! The last ride I had, (the last 2 minutes of the paid hour) I sprained my ankle and it's still as swollen as a 9 month pregnant woman. I guess there is a first for everything! ( I can't wait to wear my new shoes I got for graduation- I only wore them that day and haven't been able to wear them since because of my fat ankle. Very fat.)

I'm trying to get excited four our 2.5 week Singapore & Thailand trip. But it's hard because we're moving and that's been consuming my thoughts. My dear friends we are leaving and Drew's family that will just be moving back to Utah after so long- we will miss them all. But I mean come-on, Utah isn't that far away from California. And we will actually be back many times during the summertime for clients & big shows. 

I'm such an organizer which makes moving really difficult. As an organizer, you want to put all the pens in the box with the rest of the pens. But if you do the office separate from the living room where other pens are kept- it just gets messed up. Get where I'm going with that? My dearest Halen came over (bless her soul, she cleaned my entire kitchen out) and helped me pack today. We made a good team. I made piles, and she put them into boxes. I would help put them into boxes, but by the time the pile dwindled down to sorta the misc. junk, she would decipher how much I really needed that misc. junk. And she'd throw it out for me or put into it's needed box. It was perfect. Especially since Drew keeps going on "errands" and leaves from 9-3pm while I'm packing.

We have accumulated quite a collection of decor and especially our own art. How do you throw away your own art? You can't really. So packing has been tough. We have everything booked though. A Uhaul and storage unit and this thursday, we are outta here! 


Laura Hendricks said...

i love this post because you're a graduate! you're family came! you're hair is beautiful! and curled?! you're moving! going to singapore and thailand! and new shoes!

i hate this post because you sprained your ankle.

love you guys and congratulations!

ThE RoOkIeS said...

Congrats!!!!!!! Thats soo awesome!