May 5, 2011

266 North 400 East

I am exhausted. He is exhausted. We are all exhausted. The long anticipated trip to California is finally here. Well 6 hours from now we will be on the I-15 South. Can you believe it? I can't. It still feels very surreal. 

We feel such gratitude for all our friends that have changed our lives these past two years. It's quite amazing. I left tonight's wednesday night dinner tonight sorta emotional. I tried hiding it because only one word needs to be said and I won't stop crying. Yes, I'm a cryer. No, I don't hide it. 

I hope the people that are taking our contract will respect our place. A lot has happened here and it's going to be rough just giving it away. 

Goodbye Provo. Forever! 

Pray for us that we'll be safe on our drive tomorrow. Thanks.


Nicole P said...

Safe travels! One chapter closes and another one opens :)

liz said...

hope yall had a safe trip! we moved away from utah last august, it was such a weird feeling because i had lived there for so long. i am glad that i lived there and was able to meet you! what's next for you guys?

Heather and Taylor said...

Lets get together when you are here! xo