Apr 18, 2011

Last Day of Class

I had to document our last day of classes. This photo was taken in Drew's official last class, I still had one a few hours later. We enjoyed taking classes together because there was always a study buddy. And if one of us would miss a class, the other could take notes. It was just great. This particular class a genealogy class and I confess that it was not my favorite class. I was excited going into it, having an idea of what to find and learn from, to just hating it because none of that was done. Anyways. I'm glad we will have this memory of taking classes together. BYU has been a crazy experience and I would not have made it out alive without my other half.

Only 4 days left!

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Laura Hendricks said...

last day! i can't believe it. my babies are all grown up now and graduating college. i'm so happy we get to come visit california now though.