Apr 19, 2011

From private to public

So I never thought I would do this- make my blog accessible to anyone- (after I've made it private). It's like I'm cheating myself or going back on my word. I promise I am very loyal and never go back on my word. But guys, it just became a hassle! One of the main reasons I have links on my blog to my friends and family is so I can see their blog and have somewhere to go to click on them. But I always had to be logged in to do that. With an iphone- it gets tricky and quite frustrating (not that the iphone is the best phone created) but having to type my dang password and email in every time- it wore me out. And I'm sure the rest of you feel the same. No more private. I wasn't even posting private things anyways! I think I was planning to, but got to scared and didn't want to be that vulnerable. And besides, I invited over 60 people to read it. How private is that? Not very at all. I still wrote in my physical journal and I think I'll stick to that on the side...when I have time.

Speaking of time, I am about to have SO MUCH OF IT! I feel like I am starting a new life. They always said that when you get married, your life starts over and you begin it with another person. Well that was true, but this to me feels much more dramatic. I don't know what I'm like when I'm not in school! Am I fun? Spontaneous? Do I stay up late and wake up late? Do I read all the books I want to? Do I actually work out and have time to get fit? Do I have time for crafts and home decorating? I mean the options are limitless. What I am most excited for is taking my photography to the next level. Really focusing on equipment to buy and working full time at it, rather than not even 1/3 of my time on it. I want my business to grow and flourish, especially with our upcoming move to California! It's a whole new market, which I have kinda dove into already and possibly shoot more out of Utah weddings than anything.. but it's going to be so much better for us if we actually live there.

I can't wait for my family to come up here in a few days. I try not to get too excited because I still have 3 finals, one of which I should be studying for right now. But it's going to be an awesome feeling. I'm a cryer- and I hope I don't just bawl like a baby as they call my name at graduation. I really think I will. I think it will be from all this emotional and mental stress that this semester has given me- I will just be exhausted and excited and thrilled.

Now before I study I have to do the dishes. It is insane how piled up they are. I never let that happen- but who has time to do them? Not me. But I gotta make the time. I have been seriously considering paying someone to come over and clean my house. Someone should start a business doing that! "Cleaners during finals". It'd be a success!


Laura Hendricks said...

hale-freaking-lujah! since it didn't just automatically pop up everytime you did a new post, sometimes i would forget to check it.

as for being prego together, when were you thinking?

amanda jane jones said...

yay! i always forget to check private blogs. this is good news. ps. congrats on being done with college. feels good huh?