Apr 20, 2011

Going crazy

It's now 6:34pm. I have been siting in the same spot, with the occasional bathroom breaks, since 9:48am. That's a long time. Before 9:48am, Drew & I were taking our genealogy test and it took most of my brain power to figure it out.

 Everyone around me in the library keeps leaving, moving on with their lives and taking tests. But not me. I'm still studying for the same test. It's not like I've procrastinated for this massive and insane test tomorrow at 8am, it's really only because I was busy studying and getting portfolios done for my other 7 classes. So I feel like I should get some kind of mercy from the university if I bomb this test tomorrow. This will be my third test from this Art History class, and let's just say, these tests are the hardest I've ever taken. Ever ever ever. You're supposed to take the 6 or so chapters that were discussed over the semester, and you're given four massive questions on a certain topic. Within each question, you must cite 8 works and artists. So it's really 24 that you have to know because you must be prepared to write a 5 page essay on one of those questions. Not all four, just one question. So you really prepare and become really good at some of them, but become not so familiar with other ones. Like when you lose one of your senses, another makes up for it, survival mode. Please say a pray that I will not panic during the test and do a decent job. I'd like to leave BYU with a bang.

Photo above: Earlier, a hornet randomly fell down on the table. It didn't fly to the table, it literally fell from the ceiling. It's an odd thing because I am in a cave with no windows or doors. So it's been underneath my water bottle. Good thing I drank it all before I had to put it on top. And I don't have time to go get another water bottle, and the drinking fountain is far away for me to just go get sips. This naturally sums up my awesome day.

I promise soon that I will start posting about cool art or things we've been doing, when I see cool art and do cool things. Haven't done any of that lately. I can't wait to get outside and breathe and feel free. CAN'T WAIT.

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lauren valeen said...

sounds like my life this week. and next week.
shoot ive turned into a complete crazy person.
sometimes i wonder if college is REALLLLLLY worth it. i mean, really is it?