Apr 13, 2011

have you heard about KNEADBE???

All of us celiacs know how hard it is to find GREAT tasting gluten free food in one place. I always end up driving to one store for my flour and another for my bread. Its so hard! Drew makes websites (you may have already known) and he has teamed up with our marketing friend Asher and they are launching a new website called Kneadbe to bring together small bakeries and people who make gluten free food in their homes. Its like etsy for food allergies! ITS AMAZING. They are doing a kickstarter to get their project underway and we should all donate. This really would be so cool to be able to have ONE website that had all my favorite gluten free stuff! I don't have to go on amazon, then drive to the market, then go to the local market to get everything I want. I can order it all on one episode! I can't wait. Check out this video, and visit their campaign!!!!!

p.s. they are selling other allergy free foods on their site too, so tell your friends who have other food sensitivities!

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m.estelle said...

this is incredible.