Apr 5, 2011

Sun Yellow

In the beginning of February, with my 18 credits and all, I threw myself into crafts. This was a pretty large craft- I'm guessing a 40 hour total craft. Would I rather have paid someone $50 for a wreath like this rather than doing it? Totally. Should I maybe have kept it natural and not spray painted it? I think so. (See below)

If you are daring enough to do it: straw wreath- LEAVE THE PLASTIC ON! (learn from other's mistakes), break pistachios in half and use the shells (then attempt to make pistachio ice cream, then don't make it because you're too busy with your craft...) and spray paint it as many times as you want (change colors with seasons and holidays!) Before this sun yellow, it was "pistachio" green, which I thought was comical because we picked it out without reading what the name on the spray can was- until I went to paint it. It was clearly hideous with my green shutters (that's why it's not up anymore)- and I should have pre-visualized what it was going to look like- so clearly, I had to paint it before I ripped it off my door and crushed the thing. 

Too bad this wreath didn't give me the craft-y bug like my book wreaths gave me. But it's a good thing. My hands were too salty from cracking open the nuts, and I was burning my finger because the hot-glue would heat up the shells very quickly. My days were gone before I knew it. So I'm done. This is my only wreath I will ever make with pistachios again!

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