Mar 6, 2011

Will miss you

I have been looking at all 3 harddrives- plus Drew's digging for a Christmas picture to put in my Grandpa's family tree book. On the way there, I found some photos of Drew & I. We were about to separate before the wedding so he could find us a home in Provo, and I could finish getting ready for the wedding. I was devastated. I mean you are about to married for all time and you can't just leave each-other for 2 weeks without wanting to have a heart-attack? Ya that was me. We had just spent the last two weeks with his grandparents and siblings in California, then the last day was in Laguna Beach but it was with everyone, always it felt like, so we couldn't really run away and spend time alone before the wedding. (Luckily we got in 2-3 days before the actual day and before everyone arrived to just go to the beach and be together.) Anyways- this was before I had to drop him off at his grandparent's car next to sawdust festival area. I had him take all these pictures while I was driving so I could look at them when I missed him. And I thought this was cute because he looks so young and handsome. We were sad. He really was just sad for me being sad. Ha.

I'm guessing this was July 2008.

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