Mar 10, 2011

Gifts in March

During my 3-D class, our last assignment was to make either jewelry or a knife. Ugh a knife? Ya right. And then, all I could think of was copper (I'm sorta obsessed with copper as of late) and then all I could think of was initial necklaces. Being an artist, everyday you have to try and be original and creative. Well, I threw that idea out the window and just stuck with a necklace I wanted and knew of. I also made some (and one bracelet) for my sisters (not Rikki because she told me she hates necklaces or anything on her body... so sorry girlfriend). I put them in tea bags to give it an organic feel. So sisters in CA, look for them in the mail this next week. Abby- I'll have to give you yours when we see you next! xoxo

Sorry for the lack of posting. A lot has been happening and life has been throwing us many massive curve balls. So I'll play catch up soon.

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