Mar 3, 2011

Is it selfish of me?

Whenever Drew leaves for a weekend tour, I seem to always have the urge to:

-go to bed earlier
-sleep in the middle of the bed or on his side, with his pillow. but my pillow is better these days so I'll stick with mine for now.
-wake up late
-not go to school and work on my photos
-eat indian food
-rent a stupid chick flick that drew would just laugh at the whole time so i couldn't enjoy it because he's making me feel stupid for even wanting to watch it
-scrub the house- more like you would during spring cleaning so that when he is home and has free time, we can spend it together and not cleaning.
-wear his clothes
-no homework (which is not a good thing for my situation at the moment)
-get together with my high school girlfriends

but i do miss him every time he goes. it's just nice to have a little "me-time" you know? 

anyways- they'll be in Logan tonight at Y-Sound if anyone wants to go. Then Rexburg tomorrow night @ Sammie's (free i believe?). Then Velour Saturday night. I don't really know if any of you private readers are even located in those areas, but thought I'd give it a shot anyways. I'm really liking this private thing by the way. You all should try it.


Laura Hendricks said...

still coming down to vegas in a couple weeks? see you then!

amanda jane jones said...

I e-mailed drew about web stuff today and realized that I've been forgetting to check your blog now that it's private. I am so behind.'re not selfish at all. Cree and I have only be separated for a week and I ate popcorn for dinner and watched every jane austen movie ever made. It was miserable and awesome at the same time. :)