Feb 28, 2011

And adds.

This is where I seem to spend most my hours at home. It sometimes makes me want to go insane because within only minutes, it ends up looking like this. I took this photo the other day when I walked in from the kitchen, having been in the family room for so long, I just started laughing! Of course my life feels like it's spinning inside a tornado because this is what surrounds me. But no matter how often I pick up after myself, it just adds. And adds. And my hatred for coats just adds and adds when they end up like the one demonstrated in blue.

We have been [still] quite the busy birds. A lot of exciting things happening but don't have the energy to juice them out to you. Here's one: Drew's scrabble board is BLOWING UP! He's now reached all his favorite blogs [that really only the coolest designers know about] and magazine blogs. I'm so proud of him. Maybe he'll put it into production sometime? We don't know. So many possibilities!

Lately, I've been getting sad about our move. We don't really know when or where we'll be moving, but we know it's closer than we think, and it's just sad. We've had our best and worst of times here in our little home.  A lot of people have been emailing us and calling our landlord about when we're moving out so people can snag our place. That just gets me defensive and I almost want to tell them, "well too bad, we're staying here for good!" But we all know I would go insane if I stayed here longer than this summer. I wish I had the personality where I could just stay here in the simple life of Utah (or really just Provo). That's just not the way I was designed! Sorry everyone! I'm a beach and family girl. I never realized how much I need my family around until I was away for 4 years. I'm sick of the quick (expensive) trips and living out of a suitcase. I want to be permanently a CA resident. But it would be easy to just stay. I mean a lot of people do it right? Shoot. I just can't.

I just started a photo project where I am photographing this address: 266 N 400 E in each city- from Spanish Fork all the way up to Kayesville. It will be done around the time of graduation and I'm pretty excited about it. I am just fascinated by the grid system Utah (and other nearby states) have. It's very handy if you were to be lost, and that is one thing I'm going to miss. 

I have such a cute nephew. Check him out here. Drew thinks he could be famous on the YouTube scene.. which we all know the famous little ones end up on Ellen. I can't wait for our kids to be friends and sing this song together. Jack will teach them.

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