Feb 23, 2011

Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies EVER!

While at home over Christmas break, my sis Bree made the yummiest, easiest cookies ever. See below if you want in on the secrets.

1 cup Brown Sugar
1 cup PB (not crunchy, duh)
1 large egg
Small bag of mini Reese's PB cups (cut in half)

Makes about 20 cookies.

The smaller the cookie, the better. You'll realize that later when you eat a big one that it is so rich, it will take you forever to finish just one! So small is best. Oh and don't grease the pan unless you have to.
 Heat in oven for 6-9 minutes at 350. I cut the Reeses in half before I started to cook because you want to be prepared to stick them on the cookie while they're still warm.
Let cool with tin foil over them (not in fridge) and serve when the Reese's are hardened again. I like to eat them the day after because they're not as rich. The first day, it's sorta overwhelming. But the second day is just right and they become very addicting.

We made these the other day while waiting to head up to the airport to take Drew's parents back to Swiss land. We gave them a box to take home so hopefully they ate them up. I made two batches, with the idea of dropping them off on people's doorsteps, but it started raining big time, and snow the next day, so we just enjoyed them for ourselves. Whoops!

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Laura Hendricks said...

holy bazoli i think these look so good. thanks for the recipe i'm going to try them