Feb 22, 2011

"Chat Room"

We were glad that Julie & Eric's family could come up north to see us. It's always very nice to visit with them, even if if conversations have to do with kidney stones and health insurance nightmares. Or even if the night ends up like this photo above... was taken sometime over Christmas break while the ladies were in the dining room chatting while everyone was to our left, on their phones. They were all texting, emailing, sending photos- videos, and "bumping" ? each other- seeing if the Droid is really better than the iPhone type thing. We thought it was pretty hilarious. They didn't know I took this they were in such a trance. 

Imagine what my kids will be doing in 15 years??? A little bit scary. I'll try my best to avoid this above, (at least the parts that can be avoided), but it might be one of the hardest things to do. By then our kids will have their cell phones in their ears and they'll just say a name and it will start dialing the person's number.

I do admit to fall into the above photo- I love my iPhone. I can't imagine life without it. Especially while trying to find GF restaurants or at the grocrey store and don't know if a certain item just became GF or not.. that's probably my biggest reason I have one. I mean let's be real. 4 people call me each week, maybe. And it's usually the same people that just cycle around. So it's really not the phone aspect, it's the internet and I LOVE IT!

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Julie said...

I love your title for this picture...so very appropriate! It was good to see you guys. We are kinda surrounded by handsome men, huh??