Feb 20, 2011

Lovely Package

Drew just found out that one of his student projects was published on one of his favorite design blogs- Lovely Package. Just today it was! He got an email from another design blog wanting to post it on theirs. That's how he found out. He submitted the photos without really knowing what was going to happen and lookie here! Something did happen! I'm so proud of my beau. Check here to see what he did. I remember when he was trying to figure out what game board to recreate and it was during the time that my family got Drew addicted to Speed Scrabble. Okay "addicted" might just be an overstatement because that doesn't really happen with games, but we really liked playing it together. So I suggested that he do a scrabble board since they haven't re-branded and packaged everything in a rad way, ever. And he did! This man is creative. That's what I say.

It's nice to see effects from school and projects. I guess it will pay off one day. It's just hard to see now.


Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

So, did you guys get to keep the game??? I love it! I would not only play it more often but I would decorate my home with it!!! I want one! I really do! (I would buy a coffee table just to display it!) Nice work Drew!

cindy said...

I want one too Drew, love it!
wish you could market it!


Laura Hendricks said...

so awesome! is that sucker going to go into production?

good job, drew