Feb 17, 2011

This just in:

1. We're going to Singapore and Thailand for 2 weeks in May! I can't even believe it! The farthest I've been is Canada and Mexico. Sad right?- (Linds, I'm going to have to call you sometime soon about what to even do over there?? Besides eat pad thai everyday we're there! :) We can't wait to get out of Provo and see the world. Traveling together is the most fun we ever have.
2. I am finally getting graduation emails now...notifying me where to be at what time and where to buy all the stuff. It's more real now and I want it NOW!
3. I switched STATS classes, so now I am going to breeze through the semester. No more tears or late night melt downs over my failing grade. I am so blessed these teachers have been working with me.
4. Drew is looking for jobs in Southern California... keep your eyes peeled for us? He's looking to do some kind of web/print DESIGN. Let us know! We'd be willing to move anytime May-September..

{Fuji 400 - photo taken by my papa on Christmas Eve (2010) at the Ritz- notice Drew's Christmas attire..}


Laura Hendricks said...

woohoo! this is the best news. this will be so fun for you guys! pack me in your suit case elise. please. and we'll put johnny boy is drew's back pack

Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

Can't wait to hear more about what your plans are...sorry I talked your ear off about it, I can't help myself!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Also, you lok beautiful in this photo!