Mar 19, 2011

Capener's visit

Drew's parents came to visit in February for 1 week. Their plans were to buy a house (check), see where Bob would be working (check), eat a lot of food that you can't get (or for cheap) in Europe (check) and spend time with us (check check check!).
[waiting for them at the airport!]
[first stop from the airport? in n out!]
[we were laughing about how you would never in a million years see a truck like this in switzerland. this sticker just made it all that much more funny.]
[we were lovin the natural ice cliffs in Orem on our way back from Salt Lake]
[checkin out our cool kicks we recently bought- while waiting to be picked up to go visit Grandpa Harold]

We can't wait for them to move back in June!

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lauren valeen said...

cutest kicks ever. sheesh!