Mar 23, 2011

Book Cover

I'm in a book binding class and for my last book, I wanted to make the cover. I didn't make the paper- but I thought I would decorate a rather boring paper. It's expensive paper ($10 for a sheet) too so I thought I'd make it a little more worth it then an ugly gray/purple color. I thought it turned out really well and I can't wait to cover my book with it.

Lately I've been watching every HGTV show there is (the good ones of course) while sewing my books, stamping this page, and other class projects like figure drawing. The idea of creating my own wall paper sounds really enticing. I almost just want to make tons of these pages, and put them on my wall- so it's noticable it's not wallpaper- but will trick your eye and be sorta cool. But then it could also look like a kindergarten craft. We don't want that. Then I thought it might be fun to put this exact paper into big frames. I almost don't want to put it on my book because I think it looks great against my gray walls. Maybe this will be a future project for me when I'm at home watching mindless TV or movies.

I start collecting stamps since we got married and needed them for cards and such, and I'm so glad I have because I have such a great collection to choose from. Sometimes they're expensive, but in the end, totally worth it. Do you see the baby face in the big circle ones? That's my favorite stamp purchase. I was going to decorate the book with just the baby face and make it a baby book or something- but the stamp didn't work well with the texture of the paper.

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