Mar 27, 2011

New Years Eve & Day 2010

I can't sleep, so I thought I'd blog and get some photos off my harddrive and onto the W.W.W. New Years Eve, during the day, we went to that awesome waterfall that I blogged about earlier, then when we got home, did a walmart run for our Switzerland T-Shirts, picked up some crackers and cheese spread, and headed over to the Devine's for our annual New Years Olympic Games. This year, it was a minute-to-win-it themed. And just for the record (and maybe to brag just a little bit), Drew & I (Team Switz) came in 2nd! Apparently I am really good at catching gummy bears in my mouth, when thrown 8 feet away, and Drew is really good at Ping Pong. Just to name a few. We were quite proud because 2 years ago, when we were Team Sweden, I'm pretty sure we ranked pretty low on the charts. Too low to remember.

{Team Thailand- took 1st this year. Watch out guys. In two years, that title is OURS!}
The next day, we woke up-lazily. Talked to Drew's parents (still wearing our swiss uniforms, so we showed them off over skype), and got dressed and headed up to the tidepools in Newport Beach. It was the kids + Drew's first time going to any sort of tidepool before so that was fun for all of them. And it's sometimes fun to be a tourist in your neighborhood right? I remember as a kid- taking field trips to the Dana Point tidepools and feeling so weird doing that because I did that so much with my family and on the weekends that I thought it was weird to take a whole day off to go look at the little creatures. Now I wish that I could take field trips off to do stuff like that.

{Jade doing her infamous fist pump}
We haven't been back since, and I'm pretty sure I left my heart there. I gotta go back and get it. 

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